About GuestRated, LLC

In February of 2008, GuestRated, LLC introduced the nation’s first ongoing guest satisfaction rating program covering all independent, privately-owned RV Parks & Campgrounds in the U.S.  This online survey program was launched in cooperation with the National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds as a member benefit to provide parks with the opportunity to measure and improve guest satisfaction and better serve today’s camping and RVing enthusiasts.

GuestRated was founded by Bob MacKinnon, a former Walt Disney Co. executive who spent over 30 years in resort management.  He used guest satisfaction surveys to develop operating standards and improve facilities and services at various locations at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

In addition to overseeing the nation’s first guest rating program for independent RV Parks & Campgrounds, Bob MacKinnon is a highly recognized industry expert and provides extensive consulting services to current and potential park owners.  His campground consulting website is www.campgroundconsulting.com.  He has also served on numerous industry association boards and as an Instructor, Regent, and Chairman of the National School of RV Park & Campground Management.

The GuestRated Vision

To be the most trusted source for accurate, timely, and unbiased RV Park & Campground ratings and reviews.  We provide park owners with valuable actionable data that enables them to improve their facilities and services, and we provide the camping public with easy to use, reliable information to help plan their camping trips.

Our Values and Practices

  • We are an independent survey provider with no affiliations to any of the individual businesses that we survey.
  • We are not a “blog” site designed to provide a “venting” outlet for disgruntled consumers.  We encourage honest feedback designed to help initiate positive change.
  • We provide accurate, reliable, and actionable guest feedback data to help business owners improve their facilities and services and to correct their mistakes.
  • We report unbiased rating scores and review comments from individual consumers in order to provide other consumers with information to enable them to make better informed decisions.
  • We do not accept anonymous ratings or reviews since they have the potential to be fraudulent or spam.  Our business clients and the general public rely on the accuracy and independence of our data, and we feel that anonymous feedback has the potential to undermine that credibility and trust.
  • We value and respect individual privacy and will not sell anyone’s personal information or contact them unnecessarily.
  • We provide owners the opportunity to respond to any review or comment that they may feel is inaccurate or requires clarification, and we will post their response directly beneath the original guest review.


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